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I'm Confused, Help Me Choose!

Hi there! Are you confused on what to choose? Do you need your choices to be simplified?

Well then let us help you narrow it down. Smoke Free has many products to choose from; although they are very similar, they differ based on your preference. All of the kits consist of batteries, cartomizers and chargers but you can always choose to create your own e-cig.

Ok let’s get started!

Vape With a Cause, Make a Difference with the BeCause Kit

The BeCause kit is equipped with everything you need to start vaping, it comes with a specific color battery with cartomziers to match and wall & USB charger. But what makes it special is that a percentage of the proceeds will go towards organizations that raise awareness for breast cancer, child abuse, animal cruelty and organ donation. Also, the organ donation is part of our new “Go-Green” campaign. So while you’re enjoying your vaping experience you are actually vaping with a cause and making a difference in someone’s life.

beCause Line

Heavy Smoker, Get the Big Edition

If you’re a heavy smoker and looking for something that is fully equipped we have the BIG Edition Kit that comes with 2 batteries, 4 boxes of cartomizers and wall & USB charger. What makes this kit unique is the different level of nicotine each box contains. This is a perfect kit to help you transition through the different levels of nicotine, going from high, medium and then low. This kit is right to keep you in a step program.

The BIG Edition Kit

Moderate Smoker? Get the Duet Kit

For the moderate smokers we have the Duet Kit that includes a battery, 6 Cartomizers and a charger.

Duet Line

Want something simpler? Get the Smart Pack

If you don’t want to spend that much money and don’t smoke that much we have the Smart Pack that comes with 1 battery, 3 Cartomizers, a charger and a free lanyard.

Smart Pack

Advance Vaper? Get the E-Vapor

Are you an advanced vaper and looking for something powerful that generates thicker vapor? Well we got the eVapor Ego in 2 different Kits to choose from. You can always purchase an extra Liquid Tank in many different colors to suit you look.

eVapor eGo Kit

Vape in Style, Get the Color Batteries

If you want to create your own style we have many different colored batteries to choose from and over 40 flavors of Cartomizers to pick.


Want to Try Something Different from Time to Time? Get the Clearomizer

We have the Slim Clearomizers to go with our e-cig batteries and we got 30 flavors to choose from. These Slim Clearomizers give you a similar affect to the eGo Liquid Tank but smaller.

Clearomizers and Liquid Tanks

Want to Create Your Own Flavors? Get the E-liquids

Many people love to create their own flavors of e-Liquids for the Liquid Tanks and Clearomizers, so you can always mix and match your e-liquid flavors and create your own special blend. Choose from over 40 different flavors.


Want to Carry Your E-Cig in Style?

To top off your e-cig look we have many different Cases to choose from. These stylish cases hold an assembled ecig, 2 filters and your USB port.

Carrying Cases


We have many exciting accessories that would look great with your Electronic Cigarette kits, it ranges from different colors and different sizes for you to choose from. We have the lanyards that you can use to keep your ecigs easily accessible instead of always reaching in your purse or pocket for it. As well make sure to get yourself some chargers. Choose from wall and car to USB and USB charger cable.


Social Vapor

For the days when you prefer to sit at home and socialize with company then the e-Hookah is best fitting. And if you love cigars and are out in social gatherings with your friends then the e-Cigar is perfect for you.

Electronic Cigar Electronic Hookah

Don't Run Out - Stock Up!

Remember to purchase extra products to stock up for when you run out. Depending on what you get, it’s best to purchase extra batteries and Cartomizers, as well as extra Liquid Tanks and Clearomizers with e-liquids.

Hope we were able to assist you in narrowing down your selection. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 1800-653-8594 or chat with one of our live representatives.

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