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I have been smoking since I was 14. I tried the patch, the gum and cold turkey and nothing has worked. I started using Smoke Free 3 months ago and I haven't had a cigarette in over 5 weeks. Thanks
-David R
I've been using your Smoke Free E-cigarette and love it. I am in sales and my commissions have increases dramatically. Instead of taking breaks to go out and smoke, I sit at my desk and vape. My clients do not smell it on me so I do not put people off. I even got some of my co-workers to use it. It also has saved me a fortune. I live in New York City and cigs are now $12 a pack. I figure I have saved over $1000.
-Chantelle S
My wife and I had a baby girl in September so I can't smoke in the house, the car, anywhere. She made me try a Smoke Free starter kit and my life is a lot less stressful. I still smoke when I am able but now I can smoke your ecig at home, even with the baby in the room. I gotta tell ya that my wife doesn't yell at me as much. Thanks
-Chuck O
I am a mother of 3 children. 2 of my sons have been smoking for years and it had me worried sick. I recently saw the movie "The Tourist" and saw Jonny Depp using an electronic cigarette to keep his teeth from yellowing. I took the boys  to the movie and with a little coaxing they both agreed to getting a Smoke Free kit for Christmas. I didn't wait for Christmas, I ordered them immediately. My oldest has not had a cigarette in 2 weeks and my youngest has cut down to just a few a day. I can't tell you how happy I am. Thank you.
-Lucinda R
I am a college student and I have been smoking since middle school. My college has a very strict no smoking policy. I cannot smoke anywhere on campus. Ecigs are not covered by the policy so I can smoke in the dorms, even the classrooms. All the smokers in my dorm now have one. It is like an underground movement. Smoker of the world unite. Smoke Free really does deliver what their website promise.
-Carlos M
I didn't think your product would work. I was wrong. It really satisfies the nicotine craving. I do not want to quit smoking, just cut down. This is a beautiful product.
-Tyler L
This thing rocks. I use it at clubs. Women are coming up to me to ask what it is.  Best product ever!
-Christopher S

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