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About Us

Since 2007, Smoke Free, Inc. is one of the original electronic cigarette companies in the USA. Headquartered in Baltimore near the Chesapeake Bay - the Smoke Free team is passionate about developing alternative smoking technology so people can still enjoy smoking without "lighting up."  Our passion enables us to deliver the finest quality and best tasting e-cig and e-cigar in the world.

On any given day, you’ll find us immersed in our business – from research and development or manufacturing to community involvement, we are dedicated to reaching consumers through retail establishments and online. We know we have amazing technology – and we are excited to share it with our customers.

Our Mission is to produce the highest quality, most real smoking experience without “lighting up.”  We strive to create lasting change for people who are seeking an alternative to combustible tobacco products.

We facilitate lasting change by:

Taste: Our products taste like real cigarettes and cigars

Experience: Our product "feels" more like a real cigarette or a real cigar

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