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Quality Assurance for E-Liquid Products for Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by on December 27, 2013 . 0 Comments.

While all electronic cigarettes basically function the same way, it’s important to note that e-liquid products manufactured for them vary significantly in terms of purity and safety. If you’re trying to quit smoking altogether, or you simply desire to use an electronic cigarette for its smokeless feature, you need to learn more about the company behind the products.

Products sold by smokefree are manufactured with care in a pharmaceutical-grade environment. Quality assurance is conducted via a five-step process to maintain specific standards.

The e-liquid used with the e-cigarette is comprised of nicotine extracted from real tobacco leaves, flavorings, and a substance known as a diluent. A diluent perform two functions: It dilutes the nicotine and flavors to the correct strength, and it creates the vapor.

Whatever your goal is—reducing your nicotine intake, quitting altogether, or using the device at work where smoking tobacco is forbidden—you will need to educate yourself about the engineering of electronic cigarettes and how you can use them with confidence. It’s easier to reach your personal goals if you fully comprehend more about these products and why they can help traditional smokers in a number of ways.

Smokers are losing their rights to smoke tobacco in almost every work setting, and families are likewise uncomfortable with inhaling strong smoke. Lighting up tobacco and producing second-hand smoke is bad for your co-workers and family members, without question. Health statistics have long confirmed that smoking tobacco has consequences for individuals who smoke and others around them inadvertently breathing the smoke.

Environmental Limitations and Standard Cigarettes

While construction workers, business people who escape the office setting, and many retail workers still smoke tobacco, millions of workers are forbidden to light up freely, as they once did. That’s why electronic cigarettes make sense for those who work in hospital settings, offices, or classroom settings, for example.  Using an electronic cigarette can be simple to do at one’s desk or in a lounge area.

Here are some issues that affect traditional cigarette smokers daily:

·         Workplace rules often require that they leave their buildings. If the weather is rainy or cold, this poses added stress.

·         Workplace rules often require employees to smoke in their cars. Some hospital workers, for example, find that walking to their cars is very time-consuming.

·         Family members with asthma are strongly affected by indoor smoke from standard cigarettes.

·         Carpooling is difficult if some riders request no standard smoking.

·         Clients or patients with allergies can’t tolerate real tobacco smoke on clothing. Just a sniff can cause a reaction. A doctor or dental hygienist, for example, may have a tobacco smoke smell clinging to his or her clothes.

·         Many smokers report that their dating relations are limited if they smoke traditional cigarettes. Meeting online, some people make it clear they will not date others who smoke standard cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are simple to use due to the design of unique cartridges. For example, when you inhale the Simply E-cig cartridge, liquid nicotine enters the atomizing chamber. The liquid is heated and transformed into a vapor that delivers the nicotine in a measured amount—much like a standard cigarette.

Incorporating the right amount of nicotine into the liquid product and delivering the correct amount of nicotine in a single puff is important. Why? Ingesting too much nicotine—or almost any substance including table salt—can affect your health.

Knowledge of Quality Assurance Removes Stress

You can feel confident using the e-liquid products sold by smokefree. These products available for your electronic cigarettes deliver the correct measurement of ingredients.  It’s much easier to work toward your goals, if you trust your products at every step. You want to know that they are strictly monitored in the laboratory process, and you want to know there are strict guidelines in place to guide your usage of them.

This trust assurance is a key reason to purchase your liquid product from a reputable company. You can begin working toward your goal, whatever that goal is, feeling good about the steps you are taking.  

For example, a woman we’ll refer to as Cynthia knew she could not quit “cold turkey.” Cynthia wanted to back away from smoking in steps and stages.  

“Thankfully, electronic cigarettes have helped me give up smoking traditional cigarettes altogether,” she points out. “This is great, because I’m not getting the tar or added byproducts of smoking tobacco, not to mention pesticides in standard cigarettes.  My goal is to eventually quit smoking altogether, so I can now gradually cut back on nicotine as I step up the flavorings in my mixture.”

Cynthia adds: “My husband enjoys smoking, so his plan is to simply substitute electronic cigarettes for standard cigarettes. He attributes feeling better physically to e-cigarettes. There’s no question in my mind that e-cigarettes are the better choice in terms of looking at this from a health standpoint.”  

All of us must be careful in ingesting any product—from medications to vitamins —in order to protect our cells.  A reputable company producing such products as e-liquid products for e-cigarettes will educate readers about key ingredients and take these health concerns seriously.  

Manufacturing e-cigarettes for smokefree involves significant dollars invested in research and development, quality assurance, and user satisfaction.  Feedback from users has been instrumental in serving this unique market. In the spirit of good corporate citizenship, also, the manufacturer donates money to specific causes that focus on health and wellness.

Your Personal Plan and Specific Goals

If you’re trying to break your addiction to tobacco, you may want to incorporate more flavorings into your electronic cigarettes and make needed adjustments that fit your personal plan—just like Cynthia mentioned above. Responsible use of any products is always a good idea.

In addition, keep in mind, that your body is unique. You have a personal physiology and body weight that responds to any ingested product in a way that is very unique from anyone else. What works for one person might not necessarily work for another. Some experimentation may be necessary as you learn what fits your personal program.

The flavorings that are available for consumers will also dictate how successful your program is. For example, you might prefer coffee extract over another flavor. You can control what gives you the most sensation of pleasure, for example, if your goal is to never return to smoking regular cigarettes.

Furthermore, it’s easy to substitute electronic cigarettes for traditional cigarettes because you can smoke them virtually anywhere—without affecting everyone around you.  For example, a pharmacy technician who works in a large hospital in San Antonio, Texas, says she uses e-cigarettes in the ladies’ room. While she’s moving around the hospital to dispense items from the pharmacy to the nurses’ stations, she can take a break inside the building instead of taking wasting time to go smoke in her car.

“Electronic cigarettes have been a lifesaver for me,” she explains. “The stress of having to move 200 feet from our hospital to smoke ate up lots of time. Now, I feel in control of my work day.”

Patients who are forbidden to smoke in hospital facilities can use electronic cigarettes while under medical care in almost every situation. Without this tool, patients are literally forced to ask hospital staff and volunteers to take them away from the building to smoke. Smoking tobacco forces patients to go outside in freezing temperatures, regardless of their health concerns. 


Electronic cigarettes are definitely here to stay, due to the fact that millions of workers are forbidden to smoke on the premises of their workplaces. However, many people are choosing smokeless cigarettes for health reasons. They just want to feel better.

Some, too, select the alternative of e-cigarettes because second-hand smoke can irritate family members and co-workers with allergies. And, there are plenty of people who simply hate the smell of traditional cigarettes. A business person isn’t likely to try to close a major deal with a smoking cigarette in hand.   

In trying to quit smoking any tobacco product or substitute, your decision to use electronic cigarettes is certainly one step in the right direction.  According to many physicians’ organizations and wellness groups, they provide a solution that has never been available before.  

Positive Solutions Empower Choices

The truth is that most individuals do not have the willpower to give up nicotine instantly. Some physicians’ organizations, wellness groups, and consumer groups actively endorse electronic cigarettes as a good substitute for traditional smoking—due largely to the fact that quitting “cold turkey” is a very rare occurrence.

Controlling the e-liquid is one way to take back your power over an addiction to nicotine. Stepping up the flavoring is one way to make smoking enjoyable if you envision that you would like to slowly cut down the nicotine.

Many substances that are part of traditional cigarettes, such as pesticides and tar products, actually exacerbate the addiction of tobacco smoking. So, switching to products offered for electronic cigarettes (with quality control measures in place) can be a productive step in the right direction.  

Those who have had good experiences with electronic cigarettes write on various blogs about their experiences. It’s a common comment that they feel better physically after switching to electronic cigarettes. They are able to continue the routine of a smoking ritual, complete with nicotine, but they report feeling so much better because of not ingesting smoke, tar, pesticides, and more into their lungs.

Once you acclimate to the new smokeless routine with e-cigarettes, you will want to rely on a company that responsibly delivers what you need in an ongoing fashion. A trustworthy resource for the e-liquid, flavorings, and diluetin means you can achieve your goals in a predictable way.

Last update: January 30, 2014


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