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Smoke Free Smokers Rejoice—The New Soft Cartomizer is Coming Soon!

Posted by on May 06, 2013 . 0 Comments.

There's a big buzz already surrounding the upcoming release of the Soft Cartomizer from Smoke Free.  The Soft Cartomizer is so forward thinking, it's backwards—let us explain.  You see, there's a huge discrepancy between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, mostly stemming from the fact that people switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.  This means that there's a standard in place and any innovation that moves away from that standard only serves to make the two experiences less alike.

But that's not what smokers want—Smoke Free gets that.

Bringing the Old into the New

Introducing the new Soft Cartomizer, a step back and a step forward at the same time.  The Soft Cartomizer utilizes a spongy wrapping around the Cartomizer tube to replicate the exact feel of a traditional cigarette's filter.  This means that you can squeeze it, bite it, roll it around on your lips—just like you did with traditional filters.

Plus, the Soft Cartomizer is more lightweight, meaning that the bulkiness of electronic cigarettes is a thing of the past.  It's so hard getting used to feeling the hard tubing between your fingers and lips as you draw on the clunky e cig.  But now, you can experience the lightweight, carefree state of a natural feeling cigarette in your hands once again.

But that's not the only natural feel that's coming back.  The Soft Cartomizer also lowers the pull resistance, meaning that you can take deeper inhales with ease.  Far too many electronic cigs require hefty pulling and drawing in order for the smoker to take in the desired amount of vapor.  The results aren't always pretty—lots of duck faces and embarrassing sucking sounds.  But now, you can simply drag on the e cig the same way you would a traditional cigarette, and your cravings will be fulfilled to their deepest desires.

There's Some New Technology in Play as Well

Of course, just retrofitting e cigs to be more like traditional cigarettes wouldn't be all that impressive—okay, maybe it is, but still...the brand new Soft Cartomizer also comes with some other exciting innovations.
For starters, the Soft Cartomizers last longer than regular Cartomizers, meaning that you'll go through less of them in the long run.  This cuts down on your costs because you're buying less.  But what if we were to tell you that you'll also be paying less as well?  It's true!  The Soft Cartomizers from Smoke Free are also significantly more inexpensive than the old, bulky Cartomizers of yesteryear.   That's double the savings right there—buying less and paying less!

The Soft Cartomizers are unfortunately not ready for release just yet, but they will be very, very soon.  When the new product launches, it will be offering brand new flavors that you'll also recognize as classic traditions: American Original blend and American Menthol blend.  Plus, the unique packaging of the Soft Cartomizers will ensure that you're only getting the freshest tasting flavors no matter where you are.

To find out exactly when these exciting options are going to be available to you, click here right now!

Last update: January 30, 2014


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