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The Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Bonus Program

Posted by on March 21, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way. These wonderful products have been with us for a couple of years now and amidst all the skeptism and somewhat worrying reports, they can be credited with helping many quit cigarette smoking.

The electronic cigarette market has grown in leaps and bounds and this demand for these products has led to the conception of the smoke free bonus program. Now for those of you who are wondering what the bonus program from smoke free is or are hearing about it for the first time, this is a program that allows you to enjoy fabulous rewards and great discount.

With the bonus program, you could even get a free cigarette sample. This is a great program and one that will help you realize lots of savings when it comes to purchasing your favorite vaporizing products.

How It Works

The smoke free electronic cigarettes bonus program works similar to most bonus programs out there.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Sign up for the bonus program
  • Buy products and earn points
  • Use redeemable points for purchases
  • Enjoy discounts

In order to reap from the benefits of the bonus program, you need to sign up for it. There are fantastic member rewards you can sign up for and these include the Gold and Premium membership.

Once you sign for up for one of the membership programs, you can begin accumulating points with every purchase you make. This program gives one point for every dollar you spend and this means that if you spend $100 you gain 100 points. The good thing is that these points can be used in many ways.

You can use them as cash to buy e cigarette kits or redeem them for free products and various discounts. The more products you buy the more points you accumulate and you can keep tabs on how many points you have. These can be viewed in your account and they usually appear within one to three days after your order is placed.

Benefits of the Reward Program

As the name suggests, this is a reward program. You can therefore expect lots of savings and goodies as well.

Below are some of the major benefits that come with this reward program:

  • Great deals and discounts
  • Access to coupons and promotions
  • Free samples
  • Savings on products

With the membership program, you have access to various coupons, promotions and other specials. This means that you could even get free samples on new e cigarette cartridges and other products. The main aim of bonus programs is to get savings on products and you will get a lot of savings with the smoke free bonus program.

Every cent counts in this day and age, knowing how to get the most out of a product is therefore important. With this bonus reward program, that is exactly what you get and there are no shortage of deals and discounts for clients! Do not let this wonderful program pass you by.

Last update: January 30, 2014


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