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While all electronic cigarettes basically function the same way, it’s important to note that e-liquid products manufactured for them vary significantly in terms of purity and safety. If you’re trying to quit smoking altogether, or you simply desire to use an electronic cigarette for its smokeless feature, you need to learn more about the company behind the products.

Products sold by smokefree are manufactured with care in a pharmaceutical-grade environment. Quality assurance is conducted via a five-step process to maintain specific standards.

The e-liquid used with the e-cigarette is comprised of nicotine extracted from...

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 .

If you enjoy smoking, you probably know that breaking the addiction will require the ability to resist the pleasure of smoking. But how do you accomplish this?

Maybe you’ve memorized statistics on how bad smoking is for your health, and you’re fully aware of its effect on your family.  But, how can you take control?

Just thinking about having a cigarette triggers many emotions—and you don’t know how to break the cravings. You’re hooked, and you don’t like it.

Smoking cessation instructions at specific VA Medical Centers and other workplaces have some of the answers.  Instructors for these types of smoking...

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 .

If you stay up with all the news regarding tobacco cigarettes then you already know that traditional cigarettes have a wide variety of harmful chemicals and carcinogens added to the tobacco, however, did you also know that a recent study shows that cigarettes are also full of harmful bacteria that can cause humans to become ill.

A recent study that will be published by the University of Maryland shortly states that traditional cigarettes are contaminated with bacteria that are known to cause various diseases in humans. What this means is that smokers as well as those in the area that can inhale the second hand smoke are in danger...

There's a big buzz already surrounding the upcoming release of the Soft Cartomizer from Smoke Free.  The Soft Cartomizer is so forward thinking, it's backwards—let us explain.  You see, there's a huge discrepancy between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, mostly stemming from the fact that people switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.  This means that there's a standard in place and any innovation that moves away from that standard only serves to make the two experiences less alike.

But that's not what smokers want—Smoke Free gets that.

Bringing the Old into the New

Introducing the...

Are you serious about the electronic cigarette? Do you want to maximize your rewards and cut down on your costs with electronic cigarette orders and companies? Then, you need to look into Smoke Free Online, and their Gold or Platinum membership program. It’s just what you were looking for in a cigarette company, but were never able to find until now.

When you purchase a VIP card from Smoke Free Online, you’ll save on every order.

What Kinds Of Smoke Free Online VIP Memberships Are There?

There are just two Smoke Free Online Memberships. They are the Gold Membership and the Premium Membership. The Gold Membership is...

Posted by on Apr 09, 2013 .

If you’ve ever been to a hookah lounge, or hookah bar, as they are sometimes called, then you know what a hookah is. You light up little coals, and sometimes they’re flavored coals, on a bowl, and you inhale through a tube.

You might be able to get your friends to inhale along with you if the hookah has several tubes. You can also purchase hookahs in your home, and you don’t have to go to a hookah bar to use them. Hookahs are very popular in Islamic culture, and there are a lot of Islamic restaurants that have hookah lounges set up.

The hookah is also a feature of pop culture in the rap community, and in the hippie...

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 .

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way. These wonderful products have been with us for a couple of years now and amidst all the skeptism and somewhat worrying reports, they can be credited with helping many quit cigarette smoking.

The electronic cigarette market has grown in leaps and bounds and this demand for these products has led to the conception of the smoke free bonus program. Now for those of you who are wondering what the bonus program from smoke free is or are hearing about it for the first time, this is a program that allows you to enjoy fabulous rewards and great discount.

With the bonus program, you could even...

Posted by on Mar 09, 2013 .

An e cigarette can help you cut out at least 50 percent of your smoking use as soon as you get started with the product. These are designed to address the addiction to the ingredients in cigarettes and the habit of using cigarettes so it’s easier to quit.


Companies like Smoke Free provide high quality ecigarettes that are used to help mimic your favorite brands. This way you can take your time quitting, minimizing withdrawal effects that make it so hard to stick with your conviction to get rid of tobacco products. You can work on your own timeline so it’s easy to quit as you need to!


Fighting Habits and an...
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